Tina Nies is an Entrepreneurial Coach and Speaker inspiring local success. Her passion is empowering entrepreneurs to develop their vision to know what is really important to them and create action strategies for success as they grow and explore their happiness in business and life.

Even more important, Tina’s focus is on raising awareness of the power of our choices. In each moment, the choices we make impact our success and determine whether or not we reach our goals in business or personal life.  “Encouraging people to say yes to choices that lead them to their deepest desires and true happiness and no to choices that do not serve their best interests is extremely powerful”

As a dedicated philanthropist, Tina is the founder of ProjectSmile, an organization dedicated to making the world a better place, one smile at a time; and founder of CNGNfun, a private family organization that also helps other families create their own fun – “families united network,” a model for supporting, encouraging, and increasing happiness within families.

“My passion is helping individuals, and organizations look inward to know what is really important to them and then develop action strategies for success as they grow and explore their happiness, talents, abilities, and dreams.”

Tina’s experience includes 16 years as a consultant, college instructor, corporate trainer, and community trainer. Subjects include: Customer Service, Confidence Building, Oral Communication and Presentations, Business Writing, Facilitation Skills, Study Skills, Time Management, Public Relations, Software Applications and more. She completed her undergraduate studies in Business Administration at the University of Michigan and earned her MBA in Business Leadership from Windsor University.

Tina has worked with clients around the world, including Taiwan, Canada, and India, and across the United States. She enjoys travel and divides her time between the San Francisco Bay area and Lower Michigan.

”I love exploring life and learning from the amazing people I meet as I visit and live in different places. I am committed to empowering people to create joy and happiness in their lives.”