Begin your 40 Day LoveFest… anytime, anywhere

You can order your copy of the first book in the LoveFest series, the bestseller,  40 Day LoveFest for Christians, and wait to begin, or you can start practicing self love now! 🙂

Begin on your own, with a group of friends, or soon you’ll be able to join a group online to share and get support for your journey to greater self-love, happiness, and success

And please, share your stories with us!  This week a single mom began her 40 Day LoveFest… and is including her young children! What a great example for them and a great way to improve their family life. Just think about it… less frustration, less misunderstandings, less stress… and MORE acceptance, forgiveness, and LOVE.

So, how do you begin?  You can still get in on some great bonuses if you order your copy of the new book: 40 Day LoveFest for Christians now!

Then watch the video on the left – it gives you the basic practice of the 40 Day LoveFest!  And listen to our Sunday Night Inspiration show to learn more, get support, and ask your questions live… or come back here and read our blog! And of course you are are welcome to read through our archived blog from last year with lots of great ideas and resources for your 40 Day LoveFest!!

and RIGHT NOW you can…

  • look in the mirror and say “I love you”
  • think about three things you are GRATEFUL for in your life
  • recall three TRIUMPHS or successes that occurred today

What can you expect if you commit to consciously loving yourself more each day for 40 days?

  • improved attitude
  • better relationships with family, friends, co-workers… with everyone
  • better and easier decision making
  • natural positive thinking – you won’t have to change the negative thought to a positive… it’ll just be more positive to begin with!
  • improved and easier success in any goal you set!

Why wait?

love yourself now… love yourself anyway

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