Happy Leap Year!

How will you use this “extra” calendar day?  Every four years, our calendar gives us an extra day to fill up with appointments, meetings, classes, all the busyness we tend to each day… but what if you instead cleared the agenda for the day and just focused on you!

You can choose to use this extra calendar time to refocus, think about what is really important to you, daydream, create new visions for your life… You can do anything you want to do today!

Really, we get to choose what we do everyday – even when it doesn’t seem like a choice. We often are consumed with what we think we “should do” or what we “have to do” and we claim we have no choice.  What if today, you acted as if everything you do is your own choice?

It could be a huge realization that you really do have more choices in your life than what you think you have.

How do you make better choices and harness the power of your choice?

Loving your SELF is crucial – when you practice loving yourself, it gets easier to make good choices. You surround yourself with better options, you consider the results of choices rather than just making choices impulsively.

I’ll be sharing the basics of a 7 step process to making choices from your heart this Friday, March 2, 5pm PST/8pm EST with one of my co-authors, Joyce Schwarz, of “The Heart of Success” book.  Click to register for this FREE workshop and even if you can’t make it Friday, you’ll get an email with the recording.

Don’t want to wait to hear more, you can get my new book, “40 Day LoveFest for Christians: a daily practice of self-love and reflection” online now. Available for the Kindle or in paperback!

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