Posted in February 2012

Happy Leap Year!

How will you use this “extra” calendar day?  Every four years, our calendar gives us an extra day to fill up with appointments, meetings, classes, all the busyness we tend to each day… but what if you instead cleared the agenda for the day and just focused on you! You can choose to use this … Continue reading

40 Day LoveFest Radio February 14

Welcome to the 40 Day LoveFest.  Happy Valentine’s Day. This is our special “be your own Valentine” show, and I really felt strongly about doing this today as I heard from friends, or saw posts on different social media sites, about Valentine’s Day and what it means to people. Some people are even kind of … Continue reading

Be your own Valentine!

Special Be Your Own Valentine Show at 8am PST/11am EST  today!  Click here to listen live or the archive. Happy Valentine’s Day! While some of you are feeling pretty good today with family, friends, significant others saying they  love you, given you gifts, and appreciated you today; others are feeling a little down. So how … Continue reading

40 Day LoveFest Radio Feb. 12

Listen in LIVE every Sunday night at 8pmPST/11pmEST… we take questions and callers… and they are recorded to listen anytime! 🙂 Welcome back to the 40 Day LoveFest part of Be Happier Today. I’m Tina Nies, your host. For some of you new listeners, I’m going to share a little bit of information about what … Continue reading