LoveFest Day 26

Listen in as we talk about how to love yourself even in a job you don’t love.

How often have you heard or maybe even said “I’ll be happier when… I make more money, get the promotion, get married, pay off the house, etc. etc.”?

Well I’m suggesting that it’s actually easier to be focus on being happier now, loving your Self now… and those goals will be SO much easier to achieve!

Because if we are waiting for happiness to come later, and we do meet the desired goal, we often find that we still aren’t as happy as we thought we’d be when we got there.

April 3rd is “Don’t go to work unless it’s Fun day” There are hundreds of funny days of the year, but this stuck out to me and it’s Sunday, so many of you may not even be going to work anyway.

But it’s a good reminder to make fun in your work, no matter what you do. A lot of people don’t really like what they are doing at work, but they have to have a job. So, if we are doing something right now that we don’t want to in the future, we can still love our Self now! we can still make it a little more fun now – no matter what.

How do you do it? A simple easy way is to do the Be Happier in 2 minutes a day specifically for your work day! SO, when you start your day at work, think of 3 things you are grateful for about your job. Do it every single day on the way or when you get to work.

Maybe it’s so simple as the paycheck, a friend you’ve made, maybe it’s the opportunity to serve your customers who are wonderful people, etc. etc. So even if you don’t like your job and you have begun to not like yourself because you have to go to that job. By changing your thought about work, you’ll begin to feel better about going to that job.

AND on your way home, think of three things that went well at work! Even simple things, like you made it through the day without complaining, or helping a co-worker with a problem, or turning a customer complaint around.

As we consciously make a choice to take just 2 minutes a day to recognize positive things in our day, we begin to become happier and love our Self no matter what šŸ™‚ Be sure to listen to the audio link above for some great examples of choosing gratitude.

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