LoveFest Day 23

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What am I going to do to love myself more today? Going to Mt Shasta, lots of cool shops, and a spring right in town and I can go right up to it and drink the magical water and bottle it up for myself.

It’s important to take time to do those favorite things for our Self. Spend some time in nature, meditate, enjoy life, whatever you enjoy.

We’re about half way through the 40 day LoveFest which is my personal journey to improving my Self Love. I just want to let go of my own self defeating statements and judgement.

Spending each of these 40 days consciously raising my awareness of self love and letting go of self sabotage is already making a difference in my life.

We’ve been sharing some great, very simple, very easy to incorporate into your life AND it that make a profound impact on your life.

You might be thinking “I don’t have time to love myself more” or “I don’t have time to go do my favorite thing”

I get it, I don’t have time to do those favorite things all the time either, but if everyday you make an effort to do something that raises your consciousness about your happiness or self love, you’ll find that you naturally make more time for those things 🙂

A great tool is the Be Happier in 2 minutes a day Journal (download free at In the morning, think of three things you are grateful for – just simple three things you can think of in just 1 minute! These don’t have to be big things, could be grateful to wake up, grateful for the sunshine, grateful to be in your home, etc.

Then in the evening, think about three things that went well during your day – three triumphs. Again, these can be anything, like you got to work on time, or you didn’t spill your coffee in the car, whatever you think of is perfect. These might seem simple, but by consistently taking these 2 minutes a day can have a huge impact on your overall feelings of self love and happiness.

We all do things that maybe later we wish we had done differently, we all mess up, we all make what we think are bad choices… but SO WHAT! let it go and move on, don’t beat your Self up about it – that certainly doesn’t make it any better, right?

So, we have to let those things go AND by taking 2 minutes EVERY day to focus on good things, well naturally those will be what come to mind first and we’ll naturally begin to even make better choices, choices based on loving our Self, not beating our Self up 🙂

Tell your Self you love yourself right now! Love yourself now, no matter what! If you don’t begin to believe that you love yourself now as you are, you still won’t even when you meet whatever condition you may have imposed on yourself.

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