LoveFest Day 22

How is Spring Cleaning related to loving our Self more and being happier?

Think about the stuff, the clutter you might have around you – both physically and emotionally. A few days ago, my aunt passed away and I am her in her home, with my uncle, going through her things, I have been reminded the impact this clutter can have.

My aunt NEVER through anything away!!! I’ve even found packets of sugar and matchbooks from restaurants in old purses and bags… she even has the plastic Christmas tree that my family gave to her 35 years ago in her first apartment!

I tend to be minimalist – I don’t keep much, I allow myself just one box of memorabilia! Anything else has to be re-purposed into a useful item, for example, I cut out old t-shirts and sweatshirts to be made into a cool memorabilia quilt.

I’m not sentimental about materialistic items, and I know that helps me be happier as I’m not focused on stuff, and can concentrate on me. So, it’s makes it challenging to go through my aunt’s things and think about what this stuff meant to her.

You might be thinking, “I love my stuff” or “if I love myself, I want to by myself stuff” and that is fine. But I challenge you to think even more about what it really means to you and begin to clear out the stuff that really doesn’t serve you anymore.

You can spring clean with a focus on loving yourself. Start in your immediate area, like your desk and see what you can let go of. What is hanging there, nagging you, like old notes, gadgets, old computer disks and equipment. Ask yourself if you really need them or not. If it is important, file it appropriately, but if not, recycle it or give it away.

As we’ve talked about, part of loving your self more is letting go – let go of self judgement, resentment, things that don’t serve you anymore… including THINGS that don’t serve you too – let go of the stuff!

Another important place to eliminate clutter is where you wake up. You want to see clearly when you open your eyes, see opportunity for a new day, new growth, and new opportunity to be happy and love yourself more!

When we look in the mirror and say “I love you” say it in a place that is clean and clear. Make that space clutter free, so when you look at your Self and say “You are beautiful and smart” you can see it clearly and there is no clutter to get in the way.

With less stuff hanging around nagging us, it becomes much easier to love our Self and to be happier.

Even now as I clear these things that didn’t even belong to me – I can feel that all this stuff was dragging my aunt down. There was less space for her to be focused on the now, there were so many things from the past, holding her back from allowing well being, holding her back from loving herself no matter what.

So, please, make room for the now and open up to new possibilities for new growth and life in this springtime!

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