LoveFest Day 21

Of course, today our blogtalkradio show was our business focus show. It’s great to look at how our happiness can improve our business and success.

Because as entrepreneurs, we usually start our business because of a passion, a talent or skill, or because we want more freedom, we also start out pretty excited about the future and often are feeling happy about our decision to start the business.

BUT once we start working in our business, we often learn that it’s tougher than we might have thought 🙂 and we have to do so many tasks that we don’t really like… marketing, accounting, hiring, dealing with customer complaints, etc. All tasks very much associated with running a business – but not related to our passion or talent.

As a result of doing a lot of what we don’t like, sometimes we lose that excitement, happiness, energy and begin to judge our decisions, resent what we’re doing and become stressed out and unhappy.

By raising our awareness of making choices that are loving to our SELF and letting go of self judgement and self blame can drastically improve our personal and business success.

By loving ourselves more and letting go, we’ll also be setting an example for others: our employees, customers, and family. It will make all these relationships calmer and more supportive.

It’s amazing the impact of our feeling good can have on everything and everyone around us! But for this impact to occur – the habit of self love and letting go
has to be consistent, not just something you do for a couple days.

How many times have we heard, “I tried everything and nothing worked and now I’m going out of business,” or “I’ve tried that and it didn’t work for me.”

Just being happier, of course, will not make everything magically work out… BUT it will make the things you do try have a much greater rate of success.

I can sit here and give you hundreds of tips on how to grow your business. But if you try one thinking, “well, I’ll try, but it probably won’t work” or you a negative attitude, then don’t even bother trying it because it has little chance of success.

But if you have the belief that it could work and you change your success habits and attitude (including loving yourself no matter what) ALONG with trying something new, you’ll have a much greater chance for success!

If you want a jump start to creating more success in your business, request your free 1-on-1 session with me through the BHT Coaching link at the top of this page.

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