LoveFest Day 17

Love is everything πŸ™‚

Well, this day was spent at airports, on airplanes, and in cars: a total of 17 hours of travel! A very long day, with a lot of time to think about love. All types of love and the importance of loving our Self better every day – not just to feel better, but to live our life to the fullest, happiest capacity that we can.

My aunt passed away Thursday night. My travels have brought me to a little town up in the mountains of Northern California where my aunt and uncle have lived for several years. I’m here to honor the love my aunt had for me and that I had for her. I’m also here to love my uncle and give him support and take care of all the things that need to be done, so he can love himself and grieve without worrying about the extra stuff.

Life is short. How many times have we heard or said that? And sometimes we really mean it. But how many times do we truly mean it and feel it… for a moment… only to get back to the busyness of daily routine and forget?

That is the purpose of this 40 Day LoveFest journey – to raise our awareness making time for love, to remember everyday how important love is. To acknowledge how important it is to love our Self, so we can truly feel all the emotions of life. To share our love with others. To do what we love to do. To appreciate the time we have here in this world.

We are here – right? So why not have this time be the best it can be! Of course, there is heartache, struggle, sorrow, sadness, loneliness, and a list of unhappy experiences, feelings, and things that happen around us that we can’t control.

Making life the best it can be doesn’t mean that we don’t experience those things… it means making the best decisions we can make in whatever situation we are in, with whatever feelings we feel at that moment without judgment AND accepting that others are doing the same thing.

SO – my point here today? The first step to making the best decisions you can make, to making life the best it can be for you, to just living life without regret at the end for life not lived… is LOVE YOURSELF first.

Everything else gets easier after that πŸ™‚

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