LoveFest Day 15

Awesome questions to lead you to greater self love!

You don’t have to believe in a heaven… just skip that if it doesn’t fit your beliefs. I don’t know if there is a heaven… won’t know hopefully for a long time 😉 So, move on to the 2nd question in the video and think about people you have meet on earth…

How have you affected an individual’s life?

How have they affected your life?

If you have trouble thinking about how you have impacted someone else… just relax and think back to different people you’ve known, family, friends, teachers, school friends, co-workers, customers where you worked, etc. Think about times you listened to them, or gave some advice or introduced them to someone who made a difference in their life, or even just smiled at someone feeling sad. We have an impact in everything we do – love who you are and the things you’ve done for others, even in the smallest ways.

And please, look in the mirror and say, “I love you”

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