LoveFest Day 14

It’s our business focus day 😉 Even the LoveFest can have a positive influence on our business!

The challenge – No Complaining or at least let’s change up complaints into compliments! You can create this as your business environment, don’t let a meeting turn into a complaint fest, change the water cooler gossip into something more positive. It’ll improve relations with customers, vendors, within the workplace environment, and more!

So if for example you’re waiting for a shipment you expect today and it doesn’t arrive, you could get annoyed, you might need to call the company to complain that it didn’t arrive. IF you change the complaint into a compliment BEFORE you make the call, you have the power to create a positive exchange about the shipment. So, maybe when you order from that company it’s always on time, that’s why you counted on it arriving today… so now when you make the call you can say “usually your shipments are always on time and we really appreciate that, but today we didn’t get the package yet, what is different this time and when can we expect it?” Now the person on the other end is not put on the defensive (had you called up and demanded your package now and yelled at them that it hadn’t arrived yet) They may even go out of their way to help you get the shipment as soon as they possibly can because you complimented them, you were calm, polite, and professional.

You can do something similar when a customer calls to complain about your product or service! When the other person starts in with a lot of negativity, and complaining about that shipment that you didn’t get out to them, you can say “thank you for calling, we appreciate your business and I know you rely on us to get that to you on time every time… let me look up your tracking number and find out what is different this time… or where that package is… OR tell them the reason it wasn’t sent to them yet if you know.” by immediately acknowledging and getting in that reminder to them that usually you are on time, you can diffuse some of their frustration and you can then handle the situation without being defensive.

And just in your own personal life, when you catch yourself complaining, try changing it into a compliment!

For example, “oh my gosh, I’m so cold” (which I really am right now 😉 can become a compliment by saying ” I’m really excited about Spring beginning” or “oh yeah, let me get that sweater I love” or “let me make a cup of tea and warm up”

There are SO many ways to turn complaints into compliments! and it’s much more loving!

my compliment choice now – “let me make a cup of tea to warm up!” 🙂

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