LoveFest Day 13

Enjoying the hammock today… after the show, I went back out to swing on the hammock a little longer – well until I was just too cold πŸ™‚ And yes, I love to be in the hammock even in the winter looking up at the amazing clear night and stars – even if I have to get a blanket or two.

It’s Spring – yes!!! It’s time to bloom and re-energize and wake up out of our winter hibernation.

So, what new things do you want? new habits? new love for yourself? How do you want to grow and flourish?

How will you sustain these things beyond spring, beyond the 40 Day LoveFest?

Think about all the tools we’ve shared here (and will share in the future) and pick one or two favorite ways you can love yourself more – something you can do consistently, without making a major effort… it becomes your love habit!

The mirror exercise is one of the easiest and most powerful! You have access to a mirror any time of day – in the car while your waiting in a parking lot, in the mirror in bathrooms, even in the reflection in your cell phone πŸ˜‰ So look in the mirror, and say to yourself “I love you, ___” or any other affirmation such as “You are amazing” “You are beautiful” “You are smart” anything you need.

Daydreaming is another great self love exercise… think about what you’d love to do and think about how you’ll make some of those things happen.

Try the Be Happier in 2 minutes a day journal (acknowledging gratitude and triumphs each day) – click on Be Happier Today link above and follow along to download a free journal you can type in and save!

Think about it’s a Wonderful Life – what would your world look like if you weren’t a part of it? How have you impacted people around you. This can be extremely powerful!

Try some of these out and find what fits in your life best πŸ™‚

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