LoveFest Day 8

Today is normally our business focused show, so let’s ask “Are we on track for this to be our best year yet?” And if not, what do we need to do to get on track.

Here is my “inspiring local success column” for March to address this issue 🙂

It’s already March… are you on track for making this year your best year yet?

If not, it’s not too late! But, do you know what your best year yet would look like?

Imagine it – what does your business look like on December 31, 2011, in your best year yet? Who are your clients/customers/patients? Imagine how pleased they are with your services and products. Imagine their many referrals. Who are your employees? No employees – do you have virtual assistants, accountants, interns, freelancers, etc. – so you can focus on the core of your business? What are your new levels of revenue and profit?

Imagine how your business will look! Have you expanded your products or services? Have you focused on your current offerings and built more powerful relationships with your current customers? Have you moved your physical office? Are you more organized and efficient?

When you have a vision of your best year yet, write it down, draw pictures/diagrams, and jot down ideas about how you see it happening. Then, create an outline that details what needs to happen starting today to create that vision over the next 9-10 months!

If you have employees, a partner, even freelancers or interns, share your vision with them; share it with passion. Listen to feedback and ideas about creating action steps for success. Working together with your team to create goals, timelines, and accountability will not only help keep the focus on achieving goals, but will also help them feel empowered in creating success for themselves and their role on the team.

On your own? Consider your own advisory board or share with a trusted friend or advisor or find a colleague and give mutual support. Share this process with them as they create their vision and outline. Be sure to seek out someone with similar values about business and life so you have a common ground.

Set up an accountability schedule. At least twice a month, get together and review your progress, talk about successes, brainstorm ideas for overcoming obstacles, modify the goals or timeline if needed.

This process is not easy and it takes time. But this investment of time and energy has the potential for huge dividends at the end of your best year yet!

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