LoveFest Day 7

How perfect – in my email today, I found an invitation to a FREE I-Ching Love Oracle!!

So, I followed this link (and you can too!) to I was asked to clear my mind, then type in a question… I asked “how can I love myself more?”  Then I clicked to toss their love coins… and received this awesome answer! So fitting for me today 🙂

While one of my goals of my 40 Day LoveFest is to meditate more, I have not done that as much as I would like – I forget sometimes… this was the perfect reminder exactly when I need it!

Your Question: how can I love myself more

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 8:27am PDTYour Present Hexagram

Regular periods of keeping still are important aspects of personal development and harmony in relationships. The most restful person may not be the one who sleeps twelve hours a day, but the one able to grab catnaps while cruising at 600 miles-per-hour at 35,000 ft. Learning to act when it is time to act, and to keep still when it is time to keep still, is the key to obtaining the peace of mind which helps you stay focused when clear focus is needed.

Consider the spine, which serves as a switchboard for all the nerves of the body that mediate movement. When the spine is kept flexible and healthy through proper rest and relaxation, active movement can always be undertaken without strain. When the spine is held erect in a balanced sitting posture, the inner balancing of meditation can take place.

Treat your energetic vitality like a candle in the wind — protecting it as though it were your only light in a dark forest on a moonless night. Avoid external conditions and relationships that threaten to snuff out the flame, and be careful not to suffocate it with your own ambitions or worries.

Time out. Relax, take your shoes off, and sit a spell. Let go of thinking. Breathe. Meditate.

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