LoveFest Day 6

Thank you for your support and feedback as we continue this 40 Day LoveFest journey.  It’s been an amazing journey and everyday I feel like I’m getting so much stronger and so much more in tune with my Self and with loving myself more, so I’m really, really thankful to have this opportunity to share with you to go through this journey myself.

Of course, I’m a happiness coach. I talk about happiness, I help people create happier lives, businesses create happier employees and work environments.  But I think even within that the recognition that – no, we are not happy 100% of the time and yes, it does take an effort to choose happiness. And that’s what I’m really so dedicated to.

It’s not to say that it’s easy and sometimes people may take me the wrong way and think I’m saying it easy. It’s never easy. It’s always a choice, an effort, and we have to be conscious of it.  But if we do it consciously and if we practice it regularly – it gets easier!

It does become more natural to choose happy feelings, to choose things that lead us to happiness – to say yes to those things, and no to the things that don’t.

In this 40 day journey it’s becoming easier to love myself more…. I do love myself, but it gets easier to love myself consistently and consciously in my daily life and create habits of love. And easier to let go of the times when I say things to myself like “why did you mess that up again” or ” ugh… that was dumb”  I admit this to myself. Most of us say these types of things at some point in our life – some of us say them much too often!

For me, another main focus of the 40 Day LoveFest is for me to do that less! For me to let go of that last piece that last kind of barrier that has kind of stuck with me.

I’m pretty good with making choices. I’m pretty good with choosing to be around happier people, am pretty good about saying Yes to things that serve me and No to the things that don’t. But I’ve still had this little piece of me that was still judging myself, still harsh on myself more than on anyone else.

So, we’re starting a new week and if you haven’t tried some of the tools we shared so far, let’s recap some quick and easy tools you can use.

Be Happier in 2 minutes a day journal – click to download a 52 week journal with space to recognize three things you’re grateful  for in the morning, 3 things that went well during your day and space to review your week on the weekend 🙂

Free “I love myself” bracelet – click above!

Meditation Resources – Click on the Love Resources above for links to online meditation courses, music, and other meditation items.

Listen to our daily BlogTalkRadio shows – catch up and listen to the archives back to day 1!

Look at your Self in the mirror and say “I love you”  add your name “I love you, ____” look yourself in the eye and feel it when you say and accept that love.

have a beautiful day, I love you

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