LoveFest Day 4

I knew this would be a powerful experience, but maybe I wasn’t even prepared for the full impact of this choice to take on the LoveFest as my Lenten journey. Each day, I’m feeling a deeper connection, a stronger emotional bond between all parts of my Self.

Those deeper and stronger connections will help me create real habits that will help me “make it all work.” It will help me consistently make choices from love, from what is best for me. I can feel that my choices will get easier, I’ll be able to say No to more things. AND when I love my Self more, I can be honest, not only with myself, but with others. I will be able to say No with less guilt, less feeling of obligation…. because my only true obligation is to my Self.

Of course, we all have responsibilities, but are be obligated to others for anything? not really

Yet, sometimes we are overwhelmed by our obligations to others, we get bogged down by busyness, we get discouraged when things don’t go well when we’ve worked really hard… we create so much guilt, so much stress – that we don’t succeed in the ways that we desire.

For me, I believe the missing piece to solving some of those issues is greater self love.

I can’t change much that is around me, but I can hope to make a positive influence by my example. I can make my biggest impact on me, on my feelings, on my loving my Self. If I am happier, if I am more loving to myself, I will make better choices. Choices that lead me to my desired goals.

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