LoveFest Day 3

I’m really excited to focus on me during this 40 day journey and excited to be sharing this with you as we focus on ways to love our Self more.

I started my day immediately with some self love – snuggling in bed a few extra minutes 🙂 I didn’t get up rushed and jumping in the shower. I went to bed a little earlier last night, so it was great to wake up before my alarm!! I got to take a little extra time to relax, make myself a yummy egg white omelet… there was no stress – only love!

That is really the point of the 40 Day LoveFest – love our Self in simple, easy ways to improve our life.

My good friend Kimberly, from San Rafael, California, is joining us on the LoveFest journey and reminded me of some good tools for increasing self love. Similar to some exercises at the “From Poverty to Healthy Living Summit” in Flint, Michigan a couple of years ago… it’s easy, takes just seconds, and we all have the one tool needed easily available to us! no excuses 🙂

So, what is this easy task?

Stand in front of a mirror, or hold a mirror in front of our face and say…

“I love you”

and then say, “I love you, ____” fill in your name. It’s powerful to say I love you as you look yourself in the eye – feel it, mean it, spend some time with that feeling.

You can also say other things… like “I forgive you” or “You are amazing” or “You are beautiful”

Say what you need to hear – Say what you need more of – Say it with feeling – Say it everyday!

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