LoveFest Day 2

Well, if you listen to the 40 Day LoveFest BlogTalk Radio shows as an archive, you will hear a pretty long commercial before it begins 🙂 and just letting you know about the sound quality of the recordings, some are better than others… but you you can hear and understand all the words!

Everyday I’m checking in and sharing resources that will help you improve your Self Love – that will motivate you to make the effort to think about ways to love yourself more!

Sometimes we get so busy, we forget to focus on us.  We say yes to lots of things because we want to help those we love, we want to see others succeed, and we want to be involved in helping… whether it’s our employer, our family, our friends – we want to see others doing well, we want to see others feeling good and we sometimes forget to take time to make our Self feel good.

There is nothing wrong with caring about and wanting good things for others… in  fact, it’s a great thing. But the problem sometimes comes when we do that to the detriment of our Self. We say yes to others before we say yes to our Self

So, my goal in the 40 Day LoveFest is to say Yes to my Self first and then to others.

It’s not that I’m going to say no to everything… just that I say yes to Me first.

Some of the resources I’ll be sharing here are meditation resources. It’s one of my top goals of the 40 Day LoveFest – to develop the habit of daily meditation.  One resource is a free online meditation course!! So awesome 🙂

It can be tough to learn to meditate effectively and peacefully. Years ago, I struggled to stay focused during meditation, I was making it tough, when it should be peace. I took some meditation classes, even brought together a group and teachers to host classes – it was amazing! and I learned how to relax during meditation and gently guide myself during meditation.

I also enjoy guided meditation – where there is peaceful music with a voice guiding the meditation focus. It helps me tremendously.

So, I invite you to check out some of the meditation resources above in the Love Resource section. If meditation doesn’t seem right for you, take some quiet time for prayer, daydreaming, or just clearing your mind – whatever fits for you.

I love daydreaming – you can just get comfy and think about loving your Self more means to you. What does your perfect day look like? Can you do some of those things today? At Be Happier Today, you can read this blog about the Perfect Day exercise.

How will you love yourself more today?

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