Welcome LoveFest Day 1

Hmm… Lent – 40 days to think more, pray more, improve one’s life, increase spirituality, transform, reduce bad habits… the list goes on. What exactly does Lent mean for me, for you?

This year, I’ve decided to embark on a personal journey to loving myself more – my 40 Day LoveFest!

I don’t really consider myself as religious, as I do spiritual. And it’s that spirituality that I want to increase and improve during my Lenten journey this year. I feel fortunate, blessed, lucky to have always been guided in the past by priests who I feel are more concerned with developing individuals spirituality rather than focusing on promoting only religious rules.

SO, my Lenten journey is about me… loving me, developing me, developing my own personal spiritual and loving journey of life.

My intent during my 40 Day LoveFest is increase my awareness of the power of making choices from a place of loving myself, from my heart. As this awareness increases, it’ll be easier to let go of self-doubt and self-sabotage… it’ll be easier to just love myself as I am.

I hope you will not just follow along, but JOIN me on my Lenten journey to lovemyself more. Every day, I will consciously make choices from my heart, from love for myself.

Yes, I’m pretty happy most of the time, but like so many people, my success and motivation goes up and down. I too struggle with self-doubt, self-punishment, self-sabotage. I don’t deserve that and neither do you!

This year is my breakthrough year, I intend to break the up and down cycle – I intend to keep my focus on loving myself and making choices from my heart and from love. I invite you to join me – share how you are going to love yourself everyday!

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