Posted in March 2011

LoveFest Day 23

Click here to listen in to a great, passionate show! What am I going to do to love myself more today? Going to Mt Shasta, lots of cool shops, and a spring right in town and I can go right up to it and drink the magical water and bottle it up for myself. It’s … Continue reading

LoveFest Day 22

How is Spring Cleaning related to loving our Self more and being happier? Think about the stuff, the clutter you might have around you – both physically and emotionally. A few days ago, my aunt passed away and I am her in her home, with my uncle, going through her things, I have been reminded … Continue reading

LoveFest Day 21

Of course, today our blogtalkradio show was our business focus show. It’s great to look at how our happiness can improve our business and success. Because as entrepreneurs, we usually start our business because of a passion, a talent or skill, or because we want more freedom, we also start out pretty excited about the … Continue reading

LoveFest Day 20

I appreciate and love each of you. I will miss you today, Monday, March 28, as I must cancel today’s show.. but will be back on Tuesday for day 21, which is our business focus Be Happier Today show. As I shared on Friday, my aunt passed away. Monday, I’ll be with my uncle all … Continue reading

LoveFest Day 19

When I found this video, 2 things immediately connected me. 1 – Ricardo Love has a very soothing, loving voice. Just listening to him relaxed me. 2 – The grassy stairway to heaven. My good friend, Kimberly, sent me a card a few years ago with that exact picture! I still have it. So, thought … Continue reading