Be Happier in just 2 minutes a day!

Have you noticed the new link on the right?  You can now download the promised Be Happier Today 52-week personal journal, set up with daily entry space and complete with weekly inspirational quotes!  We’ve talked about this on the Wednesday show and if you haven’t heard me share this… please keep reading!

This is straight from the first page in the journal you can download by right-clicking on the link on the left. This is a pdf file that you can save, type into each day, and keep for an entire year!

You can Be Happier in just 2 minutes a day!
Here’s how it works:

• 1 minute in the morning to acknowledge three things you’re grateful for
• 1 minute in the evening to recall three triumphs of your day

And if you add in 10-15 minutes on the weekend to review your week,
acknowledge what went well and prepare for the next week, you’ll be on
your way to feeling happier, more energized, and ready to allow more
success in your life!

You might think “I’ve got all these other things to do, is taking just 2 min
a day really going to make a difference?”

Yes – it can. If you make the effort consistently.

Even just stopping the busyness of life and coming back to yourself is
priceless. It might seem hard to do, especially at first. It’s takes effort to
get in the habit of recognizing the good instead of worrying about or
getting overwhelmed by what’s not going well.

It can become habit. You can have more positive energy and less time
that you think, “ugh, I’m so tired of the stress, I can’t do anything else.”
No matter what level we are at in our life, whether we’re really feeling
down or normally feel pretty happy, we all may have little things that
stop us from moving to a higher level, keeping us stuck where we are.

Take time to acknowledge gratitude and triumphs daily. It will nurture
you, renew your energy, and help you move through those obstructions
that hold you back. And, yes, you can do it in just 2 minutes a day!

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