The Heart of Success Book

I’m honored to be a co-author of the upcoming book, The Heart of Success Book and was SO excited to get my copy of the promotional cd in the mail today!

Of course I have listened to my 5 minute audio several times and you can hear it by clicking on the link on the left – but it was so fun to listen to it on the cd with other amazing co-authors of the book, including best-selling author, Joyce Schwarz,  “The Vision Board, The Secret to an Extraordinary Life.” (Click to read a free chapter of The Vision Board book!)

The Heart of Success book and media series is designed to showcase and “reflect the value of heart-work that warms the soul.” And the theme of the series is based on a quote by Jerry Garcia, “It’s not enough just to be the best; you must be the only one!”

That is a great quote and for me it brings to mind that not only can we be inspired and encouraged to be our best, but that no one is just like us! No one is connecting with others in exactly the same way as we do. No one is doing exactly what we are doing in exactly the same way!  We are each unique as a person, as an employee, as a sibling, as a parent, as a child, as an entrepreneur – unique in each role that we play in our life.

I love the title too, “Heart of Success.”  It’s a powerful statement about what it takes to be successful (which of course is defined differently by each of us!).  If our motivation and desires come from our heart, it’s more powerful than if it comes from what we think we “should” be doing. It might take time, it might be hard, and it might take a lot more courage than we think we have right now – BUT we can choose to create our life from our heart and we can make heart-felt choices in our daily life.

The Heart of Success Book is a great tool to help you do that and you will be able to pre-order the book very soon on Amazon, or better yet, right here on my site where you’ll also get some great bonuses! So watch for that coming soon.

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