Your renewable energy

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Are you fueling your life and passions with “renewable energy”? Renewable Energy is considered to: be energy generated from natural resources; or energy that is replenished at the same rate it is used; energy coming from sources that can be replenished; or even energy produced from inexhaustible sources.

As I thought about this topic and thought about Winter in Michigan, staying indoors or bundling up to go out, I was reminded that Spring will be here soon. Spring is a time of renewal, things become green again, new life is created… and that we have the opportunity to renew every new day… but are we renewable energy? are we fueling ourselves?

And if things are going pretty well, life and family are pretty good, work is pretty good – how do we keep it up, how do we renew it each day? AND wouldn’t it be even better to go from pretty good to really good?

Sometimes we feel exhausted, spent at the end of the day. One renewal tool we use at end of day – go to bed. And we are renewing our basic energy through sleeping, eating, drinking our water, but how can we renew our more spiritual energy, our emotional energy.

The goal of the Wednesday weekly Be Happier Today show is to share tips and tools that can do just that and help us feel happier today.

I know in the past, I might keep up some good renewal tools for a while, but then it’s easy to get overwhelmed by what might be going on in our life – work, chores, obligations, family, etc.  It’s okay to feel that sometimes, but it can get worse because that constant overwhelm can lead to us feeling we’re doing something wrong, to feeling sad, to feeling that it’s not going to get better, that we’ll always have so much to do and not enough time to do it all – let alone do something to renew our self, to love our self, to feel happier.

Right now – think about some things that are important to you – what helps you feel renewed and more energized?

Maybe it’s a long bath, walking in forest, taking dog around the block, sitting reading to child or grandchild. Think about small things you can do to feel renewed or happier. I think if you do have children in your life, that can be an important tool or experience you can have if you spend with them.. because as we know, children usually have inexhaustible energy! They never stop running, laughing, playing, they are excited to learn something new, try something out, jump up and down, etc.

Fuel your passion and life every day! It builds!

I like to take 1 minute in the morning to acknowledge three things I’m grateful for and 1 minute in the evening to recall three triumphs of my day – and journal those things. It’s a very simple way to get started renewing your energy.

You might think “is taking just 2 min a day or 5 min really gonna make a diff in my life… I’ve got all these other things to do, is it really gonna matter?”

I say “yes, it does.”

Because the time and focus and even just stopping that busyness and coming back to yourself is priceless. It might seem hard to do, especially at first. It’s takes effort to get in the habit of taking time everyday to nurture yourself. But once you do it for awhile you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. You might think “Wow, I got all those things done and look how much more I can do now.”

It’ll become habit and you’ll constantly have energy. And you’ll have less of the times that you think, “ugh, I’m so tired at the end of the day , I can’t do anything, I just want to jump on the couch and watch tv for the rest of the night.”  You’ll want to nurture yourself with a bath or  a walk or read or learn something new.

If you keep saying you don’t have time, that you can’t nurture myself, can’t renew your energy, cant take a walk, or can’t whatever… then you never will and things will stay the same. And maybe things are okay now, but I’d like to suggest that if things are just okay, isn’t it worth a little effort to attempt to make them better?

No matter what level we are at in our life, whether we’re really feeling down or whether we normally feel pretty happy we’re all going to have those little things that are stopping us from moving to a higher level in our life or keeping us stuck in the “okay” or “pretty good” level. Or we might have little things that bug us or that we push to the side and don’t want to think about – we all have them.

If you take time to each day to nurture yourself, renew your energy, and have the goal to be happier today than you were yesterday, you’re going to be able to handle dealing with some of  those little things that keep us stuck or keep us annoyed or things that you just keep avoiding.

Try to do one thing everyday – even my simple 2 minute/day journal suggestion, if that is all the time you think you have. If you have a little more time, do something you love, make your favorite dinner, take a walk, or read a favorite book.

Whatever it is you can do for yourself – do it. And we’d love to hear how you are going to renew your energy – share below. Let us know how renewing yourself has helped you face challenges, had more fun, or just felt a little better… maybe it’s something that can help another reader replenish their energy too. 🙂

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