Posted in February 2011

De-clutter your life and improve your confidence

A lot of people carry around with them a lot of “baggage” or “clutter” in their minds. When I say this I mean that they are still holding onto things that they say they should do but don’t, the person who they had a row with but both are not speaking to each other – … Continue reading

Body Confidence

Body Confidence: How to like what you see in the mirror From childhood we are sold on an ideal image of beauty, one few of us ever see reflected when we look in the mirror. This article will show you how you can look in the mirror and despite the ideal, see only a beautiful … Continue reading

Be Happier in just 2 minutes a day!

Have you noticed the new link on the right?  You can now download the promised Be Happier Today 52-week personal journal, set up with daily entry space and complete with weekly inspirational quotes!  We’ve talked about this on the Wednesday show and if you haven’t heard me share this… please keep reading! This is straight … Continue reading

How to build confident work teams

If you didn’t notice, today we began our 2nd blog talk radio show, Creating business success by keeping vision and passion at the core! So excited and hope you’ll join us each Tuesday at 3pm EST or click on the link to listen anytime. We’ll also still have our show each Wednesday with a more … Continue reading