In the moment… today’s show!

I’m really excited about today’s show! I hope you can listen in live, but it’s usually recorded to listen to anytime – click here to listen in at 12pmPST/3pmEST.  I say “usually recorded” because last week, I don’t know what I did, but the show was not recorded – I apologize to the over 150 people who attempted to listen!  Thank you for your patience!

Funny, I had wondered why the numbers were so low, about half of the week before… and started to wonder if it was a really off show or I said something offending… so I went back to listen… and just kept hearing the intro play over and over LOL  Of course, I love John’s voice, he does a great job (you can check out more of his work at his demo page or his facebook page),  but I was hoping to hear the rest of the show.  Oh well, if you had any comments or questions about the completion of the 12 day/step life appraisal, please send me an email or comment below.

So, back to today’s show…. what is happiness?  We’ll review some of what I’ve talked about here this week as well as some other ideas about what happiness means and how to identify and clarify what it means for you. I’m also excited about today because we’ll be announcing the contest… if you missed the details yesterday, here they are again:

You could win up to a year of free coaching… the “catch,” your coaching will be live, on the air!

Conditions: you MUST be available 2 times a month to call in to a live show, schedule to be determined. We will use only your first name, but you must be willing to be honest on the call and be willing to put 100% effort into the coaching program.

How to enter: send me an email to by Jan 31st. Please tell me a little about yourself, if you’ve ever worked with a coach before, what are your top 3 goals you’d like to work on with a coach, and how you’ll feel about sharing your journey publicly with our readers and listeners.

If sharing your personal life on air isn’t for you, please take advantage of the opportunity to schedule a free 1-on-1 Personal Power Session. We’ll assess your passions and goals and design a plan to empower you to make choices from the heart, and  take action to be happier today (there is no obligation to enroll in a program after your free session).  Click here to schedule your free Personal Power Session!

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