Staying in the moment – Focus

Yesterday, I was a bit surprised by my own nervous talking with my friend, Deb Bailey on her radio show, Power Women Magazine Radio Show.  It’s not the first time I’ve been a guest on her show, I think yesterday was my third visit… but still somehow I was nervous. I was there to talk about happiness – my favorite topic, should have been easy.

Last night, I started thinking about “why” I got nervous.  I had thought about what I wanted to say, had made a couple notes about mentioning the free e-book and the opportunity for listeners to schedule a free Personal Power Session with me…. so why?  I rarely get nervous talking… some people probably wish I did get nervous and talk less 😉  (thank you – there are no open sessions available until next Tuesday-can’t wait to talk with you too!)

Then I listened to the recording and I noticed that I wasn’t very focused, I mentioned too many different things… Focus. That’s it!  That is what threw me off, made me a bit nervous… my mind wandered, it didn’t stay on task! Of course in hindsight, it’s easy to identify an issue, a cause, a problem. So, how do we stay focused in the moment?  How do we recognize that we are even getting off track when we are in the moment? when time is limited, when we only have now?

Some things I’ve noticed not only about yesterday, but in general when attempting to stay focused in the moment.

  • set an intention to stay focused… take a couple of minutes before the time to clear my mind, breathe deeply
  • visualize staying focused… close my eyes and imagine staying focused and on task, envision the end result
  • feel it and respond… when I began to feel nervous, I could have taken a deep breath, and for 1 second visualized staying focused
  • refer back to notes if possible
  • in the moment, remind myself why I am here
  • remember why this moment and staying focused is significant to me
  • practice staying focused… with practice, it’s easier to recognize when I get off focus and can guide myself back on track

If anyone has special tricks for combating nervousness and staying focused in the moment… share here!  I know it could be a great help to so many others who have the same issue 🙂

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