what could you achieve if you had your own personal coach?

Great question, huh?

I know how amazing it has been to work with coaches on different projects over the years. They have helped me stay focused and on task, held me accountable to do what I say I want to do, brainstormed with me, given great feedback and advice, help me devise a plan for success, given me direction, and sometimes they’ve walked me through a process step-by-step!

I also know what it’s like to try to do it all on my own. It can be overwhelming, sometimes it feels like I’m going nowhere fast, confusing as I try to sort through it all in my head, time consuming as I try something that doesn’t work out… but maybe if I’d worked through a plan first, I could have done something differently or realized that it really wasn’t my passion and that I should have just let that idea go.

So, how do you think having a personal coach could help you achieve a goal you’ve been thinking about, to figure out what you want, to begin to master the art of choice, or to just be happier today?

You have the opportunity to find out AND you have choices!!

First Choice: you could win up to a year of free coaching… the “catch,” your coaching will be live, on the air!

Conditions: you MUST be available 2 times a month to call in to a live show, schedule to be determined. We will use only your first name, but you must be willing to be honest on the call and be willing to put 100% effort into the coaching program.

How to enter: send me an email to contest@behappiertoday.com by Jan 31st. Please tell me a little about yourself, if you’ve ever worked with a coach before, what are your top 3 goals you’d like to work on with a coach, and how you’ll feel about sharing your journey publicly with our readers and listeners.

Second Choice:  schedule your free 1-on-1 Personal Power Session. We’ll assess your passions and goals and design a plan to empower you to make choices from the heart, and  take action to be happier today (there is no obligation to enroll in a program after your free session).  Click here to schedule your free Personal Power Session!

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