What does happiness mean to you?

I’m curious… what is your definition of happiness?

Of course, with our goal here: “be happier today”  it can be hard to evaluate the results because happiness is a feeling.  Because it is a feeling, every individual has the opportunity to define what that feeling means for them.  The problem with that is that so many of us don’t know how to define it because we often think about happiness as something we have to find or look for or attain… and we think about it in tangible terms or create goals thinking that when we reach that goal, we’ll be happy.

Happiness is not tangible, we cannot reach out and touch it… well, maybe when we reach out and touch some things or people, we feel happy 😉  but remember, it’s what you feel inside that is happiness, not the physical object or person.

So, back to the question – what does happiness mean to you?  is it possible even to describe that feeling?  are you open to sharing that here as a comment?

To me, happiness means that I am sharing positive energy with others, that I am using my creativity in ways that benefit myself and others, that I feel good about the choices that I’m making and that I’m spending time with people who share my values and ideas about life, that I just feel good about myself and am naturally smiling often.  Happiness for me also means that I’m present in each moment, fully experiencing whatever live brings – that I’m appreciating what is now and looking for the lesson, the good or the positive, as much as I can, from my experiences (whether happy or not).  I don’t believe that I am happy or can be happy every moment – I get sad, I get scared, I feel hurt – but even in those moments, I want to be present.  I acknowledge even those less than happy moments…. without them, I might not appreciate the good as much.

So, what does happiness mean to you?

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