Reinforce Your 12 Step Life Appraisal

A great way to take the next step toward creating specific, measurable goals and action plans, is to reinforce all the in-depth work you’ve done during the 12 day life appraisal program. features a motivational gift survey – this is not designed to tell you everything about yourself or something you don’t already know, but more to confirm what you may already know or believe about yourself. It can be a great validation to the work you’ve done.

Sometimes when we look at our life, it can be difficult to truly accept and acknowledge our amazing gifts and abilities. We aren’t used to “tooting our own horn.” But we should!  I was reminded of this last night, a friend commented to me that I certainly was “tooting” my horn… and I replied, “yes, I am, thank you.” That conversation came about because I was taking credit for bringing together some great people who have become good friends to me and amazing supporters of my brother’s company, Trade Local, in the Flushing area.

So, today, please take credit for your awesomeness!  Take the survey at and embrace how amazing you are today. 🙂

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