Day 10 – Letting it flow together

amazing spring at Mt Shasta!

Are you feeling energized for your new year?  Are you feeling empowered to realize your desires and goals for your life? I hope you are – but I understand if you are also feeling the intensity of the 12 day life appraisal program.  I appreciate all of you following along and the wonderful sharing of this personal process that several of you are sharing by email. I respect the trust you’ve given me. 🙂

While some of you are doing this with me in 12 days – there really is no right or wrong in the process. You might do each day’s activities over a weekend or even a week, that is wonderful! The main goal is to evaluate and determine what you really want, so that any goals or resolutions you make come from your heart. They will be goals that you will be excited to create action plans for success – you’ll be empowered and feel confident that you can be successful in creating the life you desire – and you will feel happier each day as you raise the awareness of the power of your everyday choices… and you’ll naturally make choices that support your goals.

Please continue to send me your feedback as I develop this program to be something everyone can benefit from and enjoy 🙂  I can see this process being  a 12 week process for many of you – giving you more time for meditation and reflection and action. So, please use this process how it best fits you – and continue to share!

Okay, so back to Day 10 or Step 10… you’ve developed your personal vision and mission statement(s). I suggest typing up your statement in a beautiful font, maybe create a nice background for it or print it on a nice paper or certificate, frame it if you like, or add it to your vision board, maybe create a new vision board with your personal mission statement at the center! oh, that’s not it for today – just an extra suggestion for anytime.

Today, let’s journal, make notes, modify our notebook entries, and review what we’ve been working on. Let’s see how our mission or vision statement(s) fit into all that we’ve been writing. Let’s begin to combine sections of our notebook, if or as appropriate.  For example if you have a section for your recreational sports, maybe you are an avid skier, and you have another section for health or fitness, maybe they can be put together… or maybe you as a skier, your goal is to create a career as a ski pro, then instead of placing that section in health, you place it in your career section.

You can cut out pages and paper clip them into another area of your notebook for now… but eventually I recommend getting some file or pocket folders – label them, write your mission statements on them,  or decorate the front of the folders much like a vision board – whatever fits your personality. Then cut out all the pages of your notebook and then place them in the appropriate folders – of course making additional notes as they come to you. If you don’t have folders, today, you could do this later, but please do this step. The folders are great, because as you create action plans, business plans, and other things later, you can keep everything in one place for each area of your life!  You can also clip related articles or pictures as you may find anytime, even 6 months from now, and place them in the folders.

Again, there is no right or wrong. You choose how the various sections of your life mesh together, you choose how they fit or don’t fit. Just because you were super excited about an idea days ago, doesn’t mean you still are today. This is important to mention because we are creative beings, we have wonderful ideas constantly running through our minds. Often, though, as we think about, plan, contemplate, review, meditate, or envision a future result of an idea, we find that it may not fit the way we first saw it. Maybe it develops into something different, something that fits other parts of our life better… maybe we eliminate the idea altogether, or put it on the back burner for now. Don’t try to incorporate everything single thing you’ve been journaling about for the last 10 days if it’s too overwhelming right now. It’s okay to make another folder labeled, “future possibilities.”

Simplifying our life is very often an easy step to feeling happier today. So spend this day or this step, simplifying your notebook sections based on where you are now in this process.

Please join me on Wednesday, 3pm EST at for part 2 of our discussion on the 12 day life appraisal. Please send me any questions or comments you’d like me to address or call in live!  The call in number is (805) 856-2816.

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