Day 8 – Power of Vision Boards

After so much reflection this past week and creating visions for each area of your life, we can now create a visual tool that will help us focus and activate the power we have in attracting and creating the life we desire.

A vision board can be many things, but in it’s simplest form, it’s a collection of pictures, words, drawings, affirmations, created in any media. It represents what you are creating in your life or what you envision in the future. You may have heard negative things about vision boards or maybe you created one in the past and it never helped anything. Well, a vision board of a bunch of pictures of stuff you’d like to have… fancy cars, expensive electronics, etc. probably won’t do you much good.

BUT a vision board created with thought and love, a vision board created in support of true goals and desires, a vision board that represents your successful project, achieved sports goal, even just a happy life… THAT vision board can be an amazing tool to support you through this 12 day life appraisal and beyond as you create the life you dream.

Different forms of what we now call vision boards have been used throughout history. Treasure maps, “caveman” drawings, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, illuminated manuscripts, even the drawings of inventors with a vision for the future. If interested, you can learn more about the history of vision boards at

So, how do you create one? An easy way to begin is to pick one area of your life as your vision board topic, re-read that section of your notebook, then gather a stack of magazines (be sure to get a wide variety, including magazines that you don’t read – ask a friend for their old copies). Take a few minutes to glance through each magazine – see what attracts you. Cut out words, phrases, and pictures that you are drawn to – even if they don’t seem to fit perfectly. Just keep going and putting the cut out items to the side. You can also include photographs of you – they can be pictures of you doing something that fits your board or just a picture of you that you place onto a magazine picture! Like placing yourself in the driver’s seat of a limo if your desire is to be a chauffeur.

Once you have a stack of cutouts, you can begin to place them on a poster board or other object you have available. You can type up your own affirmations if you like, you can include embellishments or items such as a ticket stub, ribbon, label, or postcard – anything that fits your vision of your life in that area!

Once you rearrange the items until you’re happy with the look, glue the pictures and items in place. I recommend creating at least one vision board, but if you like the process, you can create one for each section of your notebook. You could also create one for your overall life with a little from each section. This is for you alone, so it’s your choice 🙂

If you feel comfortable sharing, please send me a picture of your vision board – I’d love to see them!

This is my vision board for my book project. I typed up my name with “best selling author” below my name. I included words that might be written as a review, included a picture of a book with name on it and other items that fit my book’s topic and my goals. After creating that vision board a couple of months ago, and having this vision board picture as my screen saver, so I see it regularly, and creating intentions surrounding my goal, I’ve attracted great opportunities as an author including writing a chapter in an upcoming book “The Heart of Success”,  I’ve been asked to write in another blog community, and in addition to my writing coach, I’ve attracted an editor and now  several friends have offered to read and give me feedback on my book when I complete my rough draft at the end of next month! Vision boards can help you maintain focus, be a subtle reminder of your goal, seep into your subconscious as you look at your vision board and create your intentions.

Most of all – have fun! Be creative and enjoy the process.

To learn more about vision boards and to read the entire first chapter, free, of “The Vision Board, The Secret to an Extraordinary Life” by Joyce Schwartz, click

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Power of Vision Boards

  1. It’s funny that I happened to see your post on FB about vision boards. Several years ago I did one except I made more like a book. I used card stock cut in have punched 3 holes in it… However, doing it that way the ‘book’ has been moved around, stuffed, and neglected, so just today I placed all the pages on a full length mirror I have in a room I’m in often.:)
    I plan on making more boards though. 1) a family dream board 2) a business dream board and 3) a spiritual dream board… Thank you Tina for reminding me of the possibilities.

  2. Rebecca, you are so creative! That is a great idea to put them on the mirror. I’d love to see a picture 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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