Day 7 – Continuing the vision

Did you find it easy to create your vision(s) yesterday? Ready to continue the process for each area of your life?  This is one of my favorite parts – I get to think about what it’s going to look like when it all comes together in a year or three years – I do use different time frames for different areas. For example, projects that are shorter term, like completing my book, I use a one year vision… for my business, I use a three year vision. There is no right or wrong – just what works for you.

I also use different methods to write about what my life looks like. For example, as a best selling author, I see myself being interviewed by someone like Oprah, sharing great ideas with her audience and seeing their excitement as they reach under their chairs to pull out a gift pack with my book and audio cds or the staff of some other show passing out the gift packs.

For my health and fitness section, I’m writing a journal entry reviewing my week on Dec 31. I’m writing about the yummy raw food recipes I tried out that week, how flexible I was in yoga class, my endurance as I hiked before my incredible visit to the hot springs.

You can write your vision how ever you want – this should be relatively easy based on all the work you’ve done over the last 6 days! Review each section again right before writing your vision if you need to. This exercise will help you align with your desires and goals, it reinforces the benefits of reaching your goals, each day you’re belief in your power to make choices that will lead to the life you desire will increase. You will empower yourself!

I’d love to read more of your notebook entries! Thank to you Janice – she emailed me her bio that could be on her website in three years!  It was awesome – I can see her reaching those goals!

You can post any comments or your visions here or email them privately to me at 🙂

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