Day 6 – Creating the vision

Wow – we’re half way through the 12 day life appraisal process. Are you feeling like your vision for your life is getting clearer?  Are you finding things currently in your life that you are ready to leave behind as you move forward in creating a happier life?  In general, how does it feel so far as you evaluate the details of your life now and the life you want to create?

I’m feeling relief, excitement, maybe a bit of excited anxiety about really making it all happen, happiness, some sadness as I see choices I will make that change some of my current relationships, but so much joy about new choices that will create even better relationships. I feel happier today than on day 1.

Today take some time to read through each section of your notebook. Think about what it all means to you – write whatever comes to you naturally – don’t consciously try to come up with new things right now, just feel all that you are reading.

Then, close your notebook and for about 5-10 minutes just feel, think, meditate on how all that you’ve written fits into your vision for life in a year or in three years. I’m going to suggest that you choose a three year vision. The reason is that if you look further ahead, it creates a deeper commitment to you and to your life. It’s not just short term goals, it’s not just what you want right now, but what you want for your life. Of course you should expect some of your goals to change, your life will change, new people will come into your life… but the feelings you have when you are living a happy life, when you are living with more clarity, when you raise your awareness of the power of your choices – those don’t have to change.

The next step will begin today and carry over through tomorrow. Today, just pick 2 sections in your notebook, tomorrow you’ll complete this for the rest. In a clear space, maybe even start a new page, begin to write what your life looks like in that section/area of your life in three years (for some sections, you may want to chose 1 year or 10 years).

To make this process more fun, get creative and write this as a bio, resume, a holiday end of year letter to friends and family, if it’s a business project – as great review in a magazine, as a keynote speech you give to your peers, as if you are being interviewed by Barbara Walters or Oprah, or as a journal entry you might write on Dec 31, 2013!

Whatever you chose, it can be different for each section in your notebook, write what you see for yourself in that area of your life in a year, 3 years, or whatever time frame you choose.

Just pick one or two for today and have fun!

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Creating the vision

  1. Thank you, Peter! I’m so glad it can be helpful – ready for Day 7, continuing to create a vision for each area of your life?

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