Day 5 – Reviewing your perfect day

Did you enjoy daydreaming about your Perfect Day?  It’s one of my favs and I like to do it a couple times a year – helps me stay focused on creating what I love. Were there any surprises? Did you notice that many of the things in your perfect day are things that you could implement fairly easily into your life? Are you already living your perfect day??

These are the things we’ll think about today. I remember years ago, the first time I did this exercise – I was quite surprised by a couple of items that came naturally in my day dream, but that I had consciously excluded from my daily routine.  I also noticed that most of the activities in my perfect day were things that had been parts of my life at different times. It was like taking all the great experiences and putting them together.

In my perfect day, I wake up and go outside for yoga by the pool… where I can also look out to a large body of water! Not a big surprise – as a teenager, we had a pool in the backyard and I swam everyday – I was even a certified lifeguard!  In my thirties, I lived for six months directly on the beach on Pleasure Island, a little island in North Carolina – absolutely awesome.  Now the next part of my perfect day where the butler brings breakfast out to me by the pool – well that I haven’t experienced… yet 😉

Because in my perfect day (and NOW) I love working and meetings, my morning, lunch, and early afternoon are spent working with clients, attending board meetings and networking lunches. Then my perfect afternoon includes 2-3 hours on the beach – writing. I love sitting on the sand, feeling it beneath my bare feet, the warmth of the sun… heaven!

Right now I’m living in Michigan, not near a beach, with no pool in the yard, and no butler… so as I think about creating my perfect day, I can make choices. I can choose to move (which I am this month). I can also choose things right here where I am that might fit at least a little. For example, I could join a gym that has a pool and get up early to swim each morning… or I could go to a yoga class or watch a yoga dvd at home.

So, what exactly is your assignment today?  Review each section of your journal and as you review what you’ve written over last four days, think about how it all fits into creating your perfect day. Maybe you’ll change your mind about somethings that really aren’t helping you be happier today. Maybe you’ll add some new ideas that take your current projects in a direction toward your perfect day. So, continue to evaluate the areas of your life and jot down ideas that come to you. And please leave a comment and let me know how you’re feeling about the process so far.

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