Day 4 – My perfect day

Day 4 of the 12 day life appraisal! In only 30 minutes each day, I’ve already listed all my life and work goals, activities, projects; created a notebook sectioned off for each main section within my life and/or work and written down all my ideas and activities in each section; and then yesterday, I wrote about what value each of those items brings to my life. Today, on Day 4, we’re going to set aside the notebook for a moment and consider what our perfect day looks like.

I’d like to you take 15-20 minutes of quiet, alone time, leave the phone in another room or turn it off, and go some place comfortable, sit in bed, go for a walk and find a bench to sit in nature, swing in a hammock (my personal fav!), wrap in a blanket and sit by a fire, find some place where you can daydream without interruption.

Clear your mind and then think about what your perfect day would look like… this is not what you think your perfect day “should” look like, not what your family thinks you “should” do – ONLY what you would do if you could do anything…. bills are paid, there is no concern about your responsibilities. Begin your daydream with waking up in the morning –  where are you?  is there anyone with you? what do you do when you open your eyes? and go from there… do you eat breakfast at home, go to a breakfast meeting, exercise, read the paper, etc.

What are you doing throughout the morning? who are you spending time with? Where are you going? What do you do at lunch time, the afternoon, etc. Dream about what you’d do all day in your perfect day – you can have any job, spend time with those you love, hang out at the beach, whatever your desires are!

Keep going throughout your day and continue your daydream until you are back in bed at the end of your perfect day!

After relishing the dream of your perfect day, get your notebook out and go to the end past your sectioned off pages and write down all the details of your perfect day!!!

I’d love to read yours! If you’d like to share, email your perfect day to me at  And please join me tomorrow on my new weekly show at 12pm PST/3pm EST at The next three weeks will be dedicated to the 12 day life appraisal program!

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