Day 3 – New Year, Goals with Heart

Day 3 of my 12 day life appraisal.  I like the word appraisal because I’m not only evaluating my life activities, projects, goals, relationships, and more, but ALSO assessing the value those things give my life. I encourage you to join me and try out this great process. Leave me a comment or send me a personal note, I’d love to support your life appraisal process.

Today, I thought more about each section in my journal – each goal, project, desire. I thought about what each of these things mean to me – why do I want to participate or succeed in that goal – what benefit does it bring to my life – how will meeting the goal make me feel?

I also thought about what I can share or do for others when my desires or goals are met – how can my success allow me to do something for my family or friends – how will my success impact my co-workers, employees, boss?

When I look at my ideas and goals within My Save Local, I recognize that while it generates some income, even more valuable is developing relationships with with educational institutions where I can connect my Be Happier Today work and programs specific to student success. It promotes local businesses to the thousands of college students in town, which demonstrates both my and my brother’s commitment to the community and strengthens the community connection of his business. This feeds my passion to support and inspire others to work together and create new marketing ideas for small businesses and raise awareness of how we are all connected. I feel warm and fuzzy when I am successful in these goals.

I believe that most of us create our goals and desires not from an idea to just “get rich.” Rather, we want to feel good, we want to be even happier today than we may have been before. What happiness means to each of us is different. Sometimes it includes desires for more money – but if we investigate that desire further, we usually find that the money then gives us some other feeling. For example, with more money we can eliminate debt, provide for our family, take a vacation on the beach, etc. All things that make us feel happier.

If we can consistently create our goals and develop action plans coming from the heart, we will be much more successful in our journey to reach those goals. It also takes off some pressure – we can recognize that even if we do not get exactly where we think we want to go, we may have already gotten most of the value we associated the goal with. For example, if I decide that I want to sign up/sell to five new businesses this week, and I only sell 3, I can easily focus on the value those 3 sales brought to me instead of focusing on the 2 I didn’t sell.

This is how we begin to create goals with heart and I invite you to join me live on my new weekly discussion, Wednesdays at 12PST/3EST on Blog Talk Radio. Click here for details and listening information.

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