Day 2 – Happy New Year!

Yesterday, I created my 12 day life appraisal notebook for evaluating my goals for the new year. Each of these 12 days, I will spend about 30 minutes or so focusing on me and thinking about what I love to do or what I’d like to do within my work and personal life. This simple process helps me create a clearer vision for my year and my life.

I don’t really like making New Year “resolutions” – so often they are something we think about one day of the year and then are disappointed at the end of the year when those things didn’t happen! Well, they don’t happen because we don’t take time to truly evaluate if we really want it, what it means to us, what it will mean if we are successful, and create a plan to achieve those goals. By taking these 12 days to journal, meditate, and evaluate your goals for the New Year, you’ll create a mindset that will make it easier to make daily choices that lead you to your goals 🙂

So what is my Day 2 action?  I’m going to get a bit personal here… in my notebook, I sectioned off these and a couple other topics/goals/projects for myself:

  • My Save Local marketing projects
  • Book writing
  • Co Author of Heart of Success
  • ProjectSmile/My SMILE Challenge
  • Be Happier Today new services
  • daily rituals and health goals

Today, I went to each section and wrote down specific projects, goals, and ideas, that I have already been thinking about and/or working on. As I wrote details, new ideas came to me and things that I had forgotten came to mind, I just write anything and everything that fits each topic. I don’t filter anything – just write anything that comes to mind.

Tomorrow, I’ll get a bit more specific in terms of creating a vision of what I’d like my life to look like in each of those areas, but today, I’m just getting it all down in writing. Now, you might be thinking about doing this 12 day journal on your computer, but I don’t recommend it. It’s more personal if you take a pen or pencil and sit without any electronics… get comfortable, sit by a window or sit outside, in front of a fire, snuggled in your favorite chair, lying on your bed. Clear your mind, play some music (music without words – the words can be distracting, especially if you begin singing along!)

Happy writing!

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