Day 1 – My New Year

Last year, I spent the first 12 days of the year participating in a meditation series, 12 Days of Light, hosted by Taylor Call (  Listening and meditating on her transmissions of light inspired me to also spend those 12 days in deep evaluation of my plans for the new year… including my personal plans, business plans, projects, volunteer plans – ALL my plans.

Those 12 days helped me identify what I truly wanted in different areas of my life. It helped me eliminate “things” in my plan that after 12 days of reflection and evaluation didn’t seem to fit any longer. It truly helped me have an amazing 2010! For me, 2010 was transformational and I’m absolutely thrilled to begin 2011 with new found dedication to my life purpose… to inspire and lead others to live happier lives, become more aware that they can make choices that lead them to their desires, recognize and honor their passions and abilities, and learn to make it all work through consciously making better choices and decisions in their everyday life.

So, it’s January 1st and while Taylor is offering a different course that I’m participating in, I’m dedicating my 12 days to evaluating my plans for the new year. I invite you to join me on this 12 day journey and reflection.

Here is what I am doing, and if it seems a fit for you, please join me!

First, I dedicate a notebook or journal to the 12 day process and I simply make a list of all my main ideas, work projects, home improvement, volunteer projects, goals, activities… pretty much everything that happens in my daily life. I like to include even little things, so this could take a while 😉  The reason I start with such a huge list is that I can identify where my time is being spent and I can evaluate if I want to continue to spend my time in that way. For example, because my new year plans include a move and dedication to my personal goals, I recently resigned from several activities, some because of geographical restrictions, others because of time. I only have 24 hours in a day and I want to make the most of every moment!

Next, I identify the major events, projects, goals, activities, etc from my list and make a section in the notebook for each one!  Each section should be at least 6 pages (you can use both sides), adjusting more or less as you feel you might need.  You can use paperclips, sticky notes, bookmarks, anything to make the sections. I like the mini sticky note/flags best – I place them staggered down the side of the notebook and write on each one to easily find my sections. Write just the name of each at the beginning of each section. If thoughts come to you about it, jot them down, but don’t think too hard about them today.

That’s it for day 1 🙂

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